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Welcome to Michael O’Brien Lawyers where we are committed to providing sensible and practical legal advice about the typical issues that arise in construction contracts and disputes. Practicing as both an adjudicator and a solicitor for many years, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the complex world of building and construction.

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Construction Law Experience at Michael O’Brien Lawyers

How We Can Assist You

Whether you are a builder, contractor, or home-owner, our team is well-equipped to address various aspects of construction law:

Contracts, Compliance, and Expert Insight

Contract Reviews, Special Conditions, and Statutory Compliance.

  • contract reviews and special conditions for standard forms
    • it can be very useful to get an outsider’s view of what the contract really says
  • statutory compliance and licensing issues
    • this can include building complaints, insolvency risks, and licensing issues
construction, lawyer, legal, attorney, o'brien law
construction, lawyer, legal, attorney, o'brien law

Efficient Resolution

Adjudication Applications, Responses, Building Disputes, and Complaints

  • Adjudication applications and responses
    • the strict time periods allow no room for delay
  • Building disputes and complaints
    • very often the essence is obtaining and assessing the evidence
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Navigating Legal Waters: Claims, Evidence, and Corporate Compliance

  • Claims to QCAT or the courts
    • Securing evidence and careful preparation are essential to success
  • Corporate compliance
    • Your company is subject to the same regulations that apply to every other company, but which can be easily overlooked due to focus on building regulation compliance
construction, lawyer, obrien law, attorney, legal
construction, lawyer, o'brien law

Smooth Transitions: Sale of Business and Succession Planning in Construction

  • Sale of business
    • when the time comes to sell your business the contractual process is no less important than it is for a building project
  • Succession planning
    • if your life is spent building a construction or contracting business, you wanted to pass cleanly to your chosen heirs without becoming a nightmare for everyone involved

Legal Services for the Construction Industry

Building and Construction Disputes

The construction industry is notorious for bitter disputes, often involving construction contracts but sometimes also in questions of property law and neighbourhood rights. As disputes escalate litigation often follows in the courts or tribunal at considerable expense before a binding settlement can be achieved.

Construction Law
Litigation and Dispute

Experienced Legal Advice

Experienced, expert advice can make a real difference throughout the entire process of dispute resolution no matter the legal principles involved. Obtaining legal advice as soon as possible is a practical way to protect your best interests when trying to reach agreement to resolve legal disputes in the construction industry. Whether by adjudication, mediation or court proceeding we can assist in resolving your disputes.

Every Client Treated with Respect and Personal Attention. We’re here to help!

Our years of experience in law matters related to the construction and building industry is portrayed in our relationships with our clients. We will strive to ensure that our clients have the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding the legal matter of concern.

Michael has traditional values. He has been married for many years, with 2 children and
grandchildren, he is a family man and also a community minded citizen, who chooses to work with locals and support local businesses in and around Brisbane, Bayside and surrounding suburbs whenever possible.

Your local experienced lawyer to assist you with most areas of law, especially commercial contracts, building and construction, wills and estates, litigation, and dispute resolutions.
Please Note: We no longer practice in criminal Law, or family Law matters, but we can assist in some areas of property law, but not including conveyancing.