Commercial Law

What is Commercial Law?

Commercial Law covers a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise. It covers all laws that govern commerce, trade, sales and merchandising, as well as businesses and consumers.

Our extensive experience in commercial law means that our clients receive not only great advice in times of need but also help you to avoid problems before they occur.

Contract Law

In simple terms a contract is a legally binding agreement between multiple parties. Most commercial transactions start with a contract, or at least they should. In order for a contract to be recognised as a legal agreement, it needs to adhere to the following legal elements:

  • An offer from one party;
  • Acceptance of the offer;
  • Intention to establish a legal relationship between parties;
  • Consideration for the offer, which is generally a price paid for the offer.

Contracts can be established through writing, oral discussion or implication.

We are experienced in all aspects of Contract Law and will advise you, interpret your rights under a contract and prepare contracts for you. Interpretation of contracts is a complex area of the law and misinterpretation can have considerable impact upon the intended outcome.

We assist clients throughout Redlands, Brisbane and South East Queensland creating contracts or providing important advice prior to the signing of a contract. Why leave it to chance that a contract is correct, let us help you to know your rights and find areas of concern before you sign.

Sale of Business

At some point in the life of many good businesses, the time will come for it to be sold. This will directly affect not just the owners of the business but also the employees.

There are many factors to consider in the sale of a business and the considerations will differ depending upon whether the sale is a share sale or an asset sale.

If mistakes are made in the sale of a small business it can cost the owners thousands of dollars. Selling a small business can be much more complicated than you may realise.

It can take years to sell a small business and one of the best things you can do is prepare your business well in advance, by making plans and setting your business up for sale success. Keeping up to date records is very important as you never know when the perfect buyer may walk into your business and make you an excellent offer.

When selling your business the first offer may not be the best offer, selling with a small deposit and extended contract at a great price may not be as good as selling with a large deposit and short contract, but slightly smaller price.

Whatever the circumstances of your business sale, we are ready to help and advise you so that you receive the best outcome possible.

Business Lease

When establishing a business, a business lease is often one of the major expenses.

Business leases include motor vehicles, equipment, and premises. Businesses often choose to lease to save short term costs, or for setting up shop for a limited time.

Leasing occurs when a contract is made that allows for paid continued use up to an expiry date. While it requires less commitment and upfront cost than buying, there may be restrictions limiting what you can do with the leased vehicles, equipment and premises depending on the contract.

When leasing, it is important to have a good understanding of your finances both present and future, to ensure that the lease can be paid regularly and on time. We provide advice and assistance to businesses wanting to create a lease agreement and businesses signing a new lease.

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