About Us

Michael O’Brien

With over 25 years of experience practicing law, Michael O’Brien, has the skills, experience, determination and resources required to complete legal jobs in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner.

If your legal concern is outside of Michael’s specialty, he has a close network of associates in various fields of expertise who he can refer you to.

About Michael’s Approach

Michael provides service with a principled approach, where honesty and integrity, combined with attention to detail and diligence, means that you are working with a lawyer who cares about you, your business, your family and your legal outcomes. He has an excellent broad range of knowledge and experience, including as an Arbitrator, Mediator and Adjudicator, both overseas and in Australia. As a registered adjudicator of construction disputes, Michael has great insight into the challenges and issues experienced by Builders and Tradies.

Michael has traditional values. He has been married for 32 years, with 2 children and the recent arrival of a grandchild, he is a family man and also a community minded citizen, who chooses to work with locals and support local business whenever he can.

When partnering with Michael for your legal needs, you are partnering not with a massive law firm, where every client is a number and an income stream, but a small firm where every client is important, respected and treated with personal attention, the same way Michael would want to be treated himself.

Every Client Treated With Respect And Personal Attention.